Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is likely to release the OS X 10.9 Mavericks, the next version of its Mac operating system, by the end of October, an Apple observer reported Friday, adding that the move would let the company devote most of its software resources to releasing the iOS 7 alongside the new iPhones over the next two weeks.

There has been speculation that Apple could release the OS X Mavericks and iOS 7 at the same time as both new softwares complement each other in many features. But, a report from 9to5Mac said, citing “sources with knowledge of the launch plans,” that the new Mac OS is due only in late October.

The report stated that the previous two major OS X updates -- OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion -- were launched on the day following an earnings release. And, if Apple follows a similar pattern with Mavericks, then the new OS may be released one day after its fourth-quarter results announcement. Apple traditionally announces its Q4 results in the second half of October.

The 9to5Mac report was backed up by AllThingsD, saying that OS X Mavericks, which is currently in its seventh developer preview, would not arrive until late October.

Apple is expected to release a set of new Macs, including the updated versions of the Mac Pro, iMac, and MacBook Pro. According to AllThingsD, the company may also consider launching Mavericks next to the new Macs, which are powered by Intel’s (NASDAQ:INTC) Haswell processors.

The OS X 10.9 Mavericks brings a number of new features and enhancements, such as App Nap, superior multiple-monitor support, faster Safari, standalone Maps and iBooks apps, redesigned Calendar application and power-user features in Finder among others.

Apple is holding a special media event on Sept. 10 in Cupertino, Calif., where it is expected to unveil two new iPhone models -- the iPhone 5S and the so-called cheaper iPhone 5C. The new handsets will likely be shipped with the iOS 7 later this month, while the iPad version of the iOS 7 is expected to arrive sometime in October alongside the iPad 5, the next-generation version of the flagship tablet.