Apple's latest operating system, the OS X Mountain Lion 10.8, managed to get more than three million downloads in just 24 hours after its release, and users flooded the Mac App Store with positive reviews. It's evident that the Cupertino tech giant's newest OS has indeed impressed the majority.

Despite the initial popularity of the Mountain Lion that promises as many as 200 new features over its predecessors such as the OS X Lion and Snow Leopard, the first public release of the OS wasn't an all-perfect product as users did report a few issues after installing it on either a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro.

Many Mac users reported via Apple's support forums that after installation, the OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 caused excessive battery drainage on their devices. According to some users, the battery life depleted to nearly half of what was reported under the OS X Lion.

However, Apple began contacting users of the ected devices last week, with support representatives from Cupertino asking users to log activity monitor data and gather system information to determine a cause for the problem, reported Ars Technica.

On Wednesday, a new report by 9TO5Mac stated that Apple was planning to seed an update of the latest OS, taking it to the version 10.8.1, which is expected to address all the issues that have been reported so far by vigilant users.

The report stated that testers of the AppleSeed program, a system that lets general members of the public check out the pre-release software in real world circumstances to find and report issues, will receive the OS X 10.8.1 beta in the next few days.

The registered members of the Mac developer program are next on the cards as they too will receive the incremental update, allowing them to run and test it before releasing it to the average Mac user, according to Redmond Pie.

Although it's still unclear what exact changes the first Mountain Lion update will bring, an effective fix for the battery drainage issue on MacBooks would certainly be one of the main concerns for both Apple and the OS X development team.

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