If Osama bin Laden was alive, his next major target could have been U.S. President Barack Obama, confiscated files from the raid on bin Laden’s final hideout mansion in Pakistan has revealed.

According to the U.S. intelligence, bin Laden was plotting deadly attacks of the 9/11 magnitude or even bigger on major cities like Los Angeles, New York and London and was even planning to assassinate Obama during the next year's presidential elections.

The terror leader was greatly distressed by the U.S. military operations in Afghanistan and the Middle East and believed that Obama violated the Muslim faith. Bin Laden was extremely determined to eliminate Obama and could not even bear watching him on TV screens. Videos found in the hideout show bin Laden's apparent disgust and hatred towards Obama, and he could be seen changing the television channel every time Obama came on screen.

The CIA is going through about 200 million pages of cache of intelligence that was seized from the Al Qaeda leader’s compound during the May 1 raid.

Files from the computers and handwritten journals confiscated from the raid have revealed more information on bin Laden's life and Al Qaeda's operations than what have been unearthed in the past ten years.