Oscars The Oscar Awards will be held March 2 Photo: Tumblr

The Oscars are the highest acclaimed award ceremonies of the year, and the gold statuette winners receive can immediately make an actor a household name if they are not one already. But even if the actors don’t leave the highly regarded show as winners, do not feel too bad for them.

At this year’s Oscar Awards show, which takes place on March 2, nominees who do not win will still return home with a number of gifts. The Oscars “swag bag” this year is worth over $85,000. To put that in perspective, in 2013, the swag bag was valued between $45-48,000, according to Bloomberg. Distinctive Assets is the company that puts together the gift bags, and they told Business Insider that this year, numerous companies wanted to be a part of the gift-giving.

"This year we had so many vendors approach the team at Distinctive Assets wanting to be a part of the gift bag," a company spokesperson told the website. "There are also several luxury items included which really boost up the value." Amongst the most expensive gifts?

Walk Japan, an independent organization offering a different vision of how to create and manage tours in Japan, is offering everyone a $15,000 walking tour of the island nation. If travelling outside of the country is not really of interest, there is also a $9,000 trip to Las Vegas where the losing nominees can hopefully forget about their loss with all the fun activities the city has to offer. Included in that package deal? 2 tickets to NBA Summer League ($300), 2 tickets to a Louie Anderson show ($120), 2 tickets and a meet and greet with Boyz II Men at the Mirage ($350), and more.  Check out the rest of the goodies offered in the Oscars swag bag below:

·         $2,560 home spa system

·         $16,000 voucher for a hair restoration procedure from Chicago surgeon William Yates

·         $6.49 DrainWig device

·          $120 Mace pepper gun pack in pink and camouflage colors

·         $280 package of organic maple syrup from Rouge Maple

·         $35 six-pack of herbal tea lollipops from Dosha Pops

·         $280 portable camera from Narrative Clip

·         $23 worth of reusable dry-cleaning bags from Green Garmento

·         $39 in weight-loss gummies, protein bars and shakes from Hydroxycut

·         $290 Swiss-made watch

·         $500 lifetime membership to a meditation gym

·         $2,000, five-night stay at the Koloa Landing Resort in Hawaii

·         $2,700 "O-Shot" procedure to stimulate a woman's sex drive

·         $4,900 home water filtration system

·         $6,850 train trip in the Canadian Rockies