Oscar winner Natalie Portman has married Benjamin Millepied in the coastal California town of Big Sur, reports E! Online. The couple have been dating since the filming of "Black Swan", the film that resulted in Portman's winning of an Academy Award for Best Actress. Millepied, a dancer and choreographer on the film, provided Portman with "the most important role of her life" as she said during her Oscar acceptance speech in 2011.

The two have a 1-year old son, Aleph, and held a "super hush hush" formal Jewish ceremony in the sleepy coastal town. According to a source (via E! Online), the entire ceremony was such a secret, guests were not allowed to bring cell phones or cameras to commemorate the event. Guests were apparently transported by shuttle and watched closely by security.

Portman followed up her Oscar victory with more lighthearted fare. The Marvel superhero film "Thor" (co-starring Chris Hemsworth), the stoner comedy "Your Highness" (alongside Danny McBride and James Franco), as well as "No Strings Attached" (opposite Ashton Kutcher). Natalie Portman is known for tackling difficult roles, as well as her work in genre films like the most recent "Star Wars" prequel trilogy. She notoriously shaved her head to appear in dystopian sci-fi action film "V For Vendetta", playing a freedom fighter alongside Hugo Weaving.

The couple travels between Los Angeles and New York, with Portman currently working on "Knight Of Cups" co-starring Christian Bale ("The Dark Knight Rises"). That film is shooting primarily in Los Angeles and is about a man (Bale) reflecting on a series of past relationships with beautiful women. Imogen Poots ("Fright Night" remake), Frieda Pinto ("Slumdog Millionaire") both play former lovers, in addition to Portman.