Images captured on video just moments after an explosion at a government building in Oslo took place show a nearly desolate area with lots of debris strewn on the ground.

YouTube user OriundaPace uploaded video of the scene on July 23, just a day after the event.

As the videographer approaches the scene the area looks as if it's under heavy fog, although it's not clear if it is smoke from the explosion.

Footage shows what appear to be hundreds of windows blow out of an 6 or 7 story building near the main government building.

As the videographer makes his way through the area, what appears to be an alarm bell is ringing steadily. Sounds of metallic sounding debris is also heard as the videographers walks through the area.

The street scene is nearly devoid of people. The camera video then cuts to an area on the littler-strewn main plaza in front of the government high-rise building.

One person runs past the camera quickly and others are seen in the distance, possibly attending to an injured person.

The videographer utters an expletive as the camera pans toward an overturned vehicle. A closer look at the vehicle shows it to be on its side, with very heavy damage in front of the plaza.

The air is filled with smoke and paper is falling.

After that the camera continues to move around the plaza and more people are seen in the area walking by.

Near the end of what appears to be the videographer's video, more people are seen walking in the streets and a building on fire is seen.

The footage then breaks away to what packaged news video footage.