“Outcast” creator Robert Kirkman has already found success in “The Walking Dead,” but he maintains his new show is just as good but has a different brand of scary.

In an interview with Den of Geek, Kirkman described the Cinemax thriller: “It’s a different type of monster. When you see a zombie coming after you, you can prepare…you learn the rules. Everything in ‘Outcast’ is so internal which makes it so much more scary. There’s a threat around every corner, a threat in every nook and cranny. Everyone you run into can potentially be a threat.”

All the evil is caused by one entity: Sidney (Brent Spiner). Despite wreaking havoc where he chooses and making Kyle Barnes’ (Patrick Fugit) life miserable, Spiner believes his character is just doing his job.

“I’ve played villains before,” the actor said. “But this is a very dark character… when you’re playing it you begin to empathize with the character...I don’t see him as a villain, I see him as a man with a job.”

Apart from the evil things Sidney will do in the upcoming season, fans should also keep an eye out for the new additions to the show’s cast. C. Thomas Howell will be part of the series, according to Deadline. Also joining the cast are M.C. Gainey, Madelyn Deutch and Hoon Lee.

Howell’s character has not been announced. Meanwhile, Gainey will play Bob, a hermit who has a connection to Rome’s dark past. Lee will play Dr. Kenneth Park, who has a hidden agenda against Kyle. Deutch will play Dakota, a progressive Christian.

Fans of the show will see more of Kyle’s daughter as Madeleine McGraw, who plays the character, has been promoted a series regular.

“Outcast” Season 2 will closely follow the story of the comic book on which it is based, according to Entertainment Weekly.

A premiere date for the new installment has yet to be set.