“Outlander” Season 1 episode 3 was titled “The Way Out,” but it really just made Claire feel more trapped than ever. Claire’s futuristic outlook became apparent when she dealt with possession and brutal punishments of children. Find out what you missed in episode 3:

The episode started with a flashback to Claire leaving for World War II as a nurse. “Claire Beauchamp Randall, promise that you’ll return to me,” Frank said. She promised she would.

Of course, now Claire is in a situation where she can’t return to Frank. Claire daydreamed about telling Mrs. Fitz the truth, but she knew that she would be condemned as a witch. Later that morning, Mrs. Fitz told her that demons killed a chambermaid’s son.

Claire couldn’t be too concerned over the belief in possession because she was too busy worrying about getting on Colum’s good side. When she went up to his room, she watched as Colum’s tailor tried to cover the Laird’s legs with his coat and Colum threatened to kill the tailor. Claire was careful to not question his wishes when he asked for her to massage his to help him handle the pain of his Toulouse-Lautrec Syndrome. She suggested that massaging his lower back would be more helpful. He was so grateful for the relief that he invited her to the night’s festivities as his guest.

At the festivities, Claire mets Laoghaire and the two talked about the younger girl’s crush on Jamie. Laoghaire confided in Claire that she knew Jamie didn’t return her feelings. However, Claire encouraged Laoghaire to flirt with Jamie. Jamie basically ignored Laoghaire and asked Claire to leave with him and look at his wound.  

Claire told him that she could’ve changed his bandages at the stables the other day, but Jamie said he didn’t want to show his coworkers his scars from being flogged. He said it was too personal and that Claire was one of the few people that didn’t pity him when she heard his history.

The next day, Geillis went herb picking with Claire and explained that Mrs. Fitz’s nephew was being exorcised tonight. Geillis sensed Claire’s skepticism. “Did you ever find yourself in a situation where there’s no earthly explanation?” she asked.

Claire went to Mrs. Fitz before the priest arrived and looked at her nephew, Thomas. She could tell he had eaten something poisonous, but the priest came before she could really help. Mrs. Fitz turned her away in favor of letting the priest exorcise Thomas.

Claire went out that night to see the boy again, but she realized she wouldn’t even know how to cure him. While she was out, she saw Jamie kiss Laoghaire, but Jamie didn’t seem focused on the girl. He made eye contact with Claire and grinned before kissing Laoghaire again.

“Your lips look a little swollen, Jamie. Did you get thumped by a horse?” Claire asked at dinner. Claire admitted to herself that she was jealous of Jamie and Laoghaire’s intimacy because she missed her husband.

Claire visited Geillis at her house, and Geillis warned her to stay away from the priest. From the window they saw the priest dragging a boy through the streets. Geillis said that the boy was likely caught stealing. Arthur came in seeking Geillis' help for his digestive problems and said the boy confessed to shoplifting. He said they would likely cut one of his hands off. This obviously distressed Claire. Geillis flirted with Arthur and suggested that he should go easy on him. Arthur decided not to cut the boys hand off. Instead, they nailed his ear to the pillory while everyone watched him for an hour.

Geillis questioned why Claire was so affected by public punishment. Claire said that she had an unusual upbringing. Jamie interrupted before Geillis could question her more. Jamie was going to take Claire back to Castle Leoch, but Claire asked him about the boy on the pillory. Jamie explained that the boy had to rip himself free. Claire asked Jamie to set him free while she distracted the small crowd left by fainting from the sight of blood (fans will remember that the WWII nurse doesn’t faint at the sight of blood.)

Claire had Jamie take her to The Black Kirk, the place people claimed demons were coming from. Jamie shows her wood garlic, a plant some people eat. Claire realized it was Lily of the Valley. It was a German plant (which was actually Prussia in the 18th century). Claire recognized the plant as poisonous and was able to make an antidote with belladonna.

She convinced Mrs. Fitz to let her try to help the boy. The priest said that he was the only one who could save the boy and nothing could be done. Still, the family allowed Claire to try feeding Thomas her antidote.

“I smell the vapors of hell on you,” the priest said to her as he gave up the fight.

Thomas returned to consciousness after Claire fed him an antidote. Jamie told her that Mrs. Fitz called her a miracle worker now and that Colum probably won’t let her go now. She is saving people and he will take the credit for bringing her in as a healer. This frustrated Claire. She thought that doing her job well would bring her closer to freedom.

Claire only came out of her room for Colum’s strong wine. Jamie decided that he wouldn’t let Claire be a wallflower and pulled her into the crowd. Jamie translated the Gaelic folk song for her. The lyrics sounded just like Claire’s life, a woman time traveled by the stones--except this story had an ending. The woman in the song returned home to the man she loved. The song gave her hope that others have had this happen to them, and they returned home.

“I must escape Castle Leoch and get back to the stones or die trying,” she said.

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