Diana Gabaldon is in a very lucky position. Aside from being the author of the bestselling “Outlander” books, she gets to be involved with the television version of her hit series. In a recent Facebook Q&A, Gabaldon shared some insight into her experience with “Outlander” fans. Overall, it seems the show is actually staying very close to the author’s storyline, but she warned fans that everything can’t be exact, such as Claire’s age.

Gabaldon is already fielding questions about the second season. The first season covers the first book, and the second season probably will take on the second novel, where Claire is in her 40s. While the series follows Claire over the course of many years, actress Caitriona Balfe can’t age at the same pace. This doesn’t concern Gabaldon, though. “Assuming that we do get a second season, the answer would be no. Caitriona [Balfe] is 35 -- she can easily play Claire in her 40s, as well as she plays her in her late 20s,” she said. “Besides, you'd never find anyone to play Claire who's as good as Cait is.”

Gabaldon was shocked that they managed to find actors capable of fulfilling the roles. She was also surprised that she enjoyed so much of showrunner Ronald D. Moore’s adaptation of her novels. She said, “I’m really, really pleased -- surprised and thrilled -- by how good the show is. I never expected to be involved with the production at all, let alone to the generous extent that [Moore] and friends have offered me. And I really never expected that they'd ever find actors who could truly be Jamie and Claire. … I couldn't be more pleased with how the show has evolved, all the way from Ron and co-executive producer Maril Davis's first meeting with me to the awesome promotion efforts by Starz.”

It seems Gabaldon is also collaborating with Moore to make sure scenes important to future books stay in the series. In the first episode, fans saw a man watching Claire from the street. The scene is in the books as well, but fans still aren’t sure who the man was. “He's a ghost. As to explanations ... last thing in the last book,” Gabaldon teased.

The writer has yet to determine even how many books will be in the series. Let's hope she gives Moore a couple hints about where the series is headed.

“Outlander” airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. EDT on Starz. Do you think Balfe should play Claire throughout her life, or do you want to see different actresses? Sound off in the comments section below.