“Outlander” is about to get a lot sexier. The Starz show started off with a steamy sex scene in the first episode, and fans haven’t seen any steamy moments since then—but readers know that is about to change. [WARNING! BOOK SPOILERS AHEAD!] After the wedding in the upcoming seventh episode, Claire and Jamie will definitely experience newlywed life -- even if Claire feels guilty about having a husband in the 1940s. Author Diana Gabaldon has filled the "Outlander" book series with sex scenes, and she assured critics that those scenes are absolutely necessary

“I do think that the sex scenes are both necessary and integral to the story, or they wouldn’t be there,” Gabaldon told ScotlandNow.

The first book has about a dozen sex scenes after Jamie and Claire get married, but these are some of the ones fans can’t wait to see brought to life on screen:

1. Sex In The Bridal Chamber

As the show revealed in episode 6, Jamie is a virgin. Claire obviously isn’t because she is married to Frank, so she has a little more experience. In the book, Jamie admits that he didn’t know people have sex facing each other because he’d only ever seen animals mate. Claire guides him through his first time, and it’s a sweet, gentle scene. After she guides him through his second and third time, Claire thinks, “I had never envisioned myself as an instructress in the arts of love, but I had to admit to myself that the role held certain attractions.”

2. Sex In The Ferns

Jamie suggests sex in a patch of ferns because he wanted to “practice.” It turns out that he is an eager learner. Claire has an internal struggle in this scene. She realizes just how attracted she is to Jamie, despite wanting to get back to her husband in the 1940s. She realizes that she has already married Jamie and slept with him, so nothing can really make the situation worse. 

3. Sex In Front Of 20 Men

After a fight, all of the men are sleeping except Jamie and Claire. Claire initially objects to sex in front of 20 sleeping men because any of them could wake up. However, Jamie knows that they can be quick and quiet. She decides that her desire for Jamie outweighs her fear of humiliation. Luckily, none of the men wake up.

This sex scene is a little controversial. Some fans think Jamie should have respected Claire's initial refusal, and some think that Claire really did want Jamie in that moment. It'll be interesting to see how the Starz show deals with the scene if they choose to include the moment.

4. Sex In The Spring

Towards the end of the novel, Jamie brings Claire to a spring in a cave. It’s a nice break after all of the life-or-death action the couple faced. The scene has Jamie taking the lead, and it’s clear that he’s well past any sort of shyness he might have had right after they got married.

“Outlander” Season 1 episode 7, titled “The Wedding,” will air on Saturday, Sept. 20 at 9 p.m. on Starz. Click HERE to watch a sneak peek from the upcoming episode. Do you think these scenes will make it into the first season? Which sexy moments do you want to see? Sound off in the comments section below!