The “Outlander” TV series, set in 1740s Scotland, features several strong female characters. Series creator and executive producer Ron Moore and some cast members talk about those women characters in a new video titled “Fierce Females.”

The TV series airs every Saturday on Starz. The TV channel recently released the video on its YouTube channel. The video shows how characters Claire Randall, Geillis Duncan and Jenny Fraser have been shown to be strong characters on the show.

“I’m not the meek and obedient type,” Claire says at the beginning of the video. The dialogue could be true for many of the other female characters in the TV series. Caitriona Balfe, who plays Claire in the show, said in the video that one of the “primary reasons” why she accepted the role was that Claire and the other female characters on the show were strong. The actress explained that Claire never plays the victim and is always seen taking action.

Moore also explained Claire’s character: “She’s always struggling towards the light; she never falls back into cynicism. Claire is a never-say-die character.”

Claire is a military nurse who accidentally travels back in time from the 1940s to the 1740s. Her perceptions about the role of women in society may be different than those of the people she meets, but she is not the only strong female character on the show. Geillis Duncan and Jenny Fraser are also strong women who make their presence felt in their own way.

“Geillis Duncan is flamboyant [and] mysterious, but she’s also a bit frightening,” said Lotte Verbeek who plays the character. Moore pointed out that some people consider Geillis to be a witch.

“Jenny is a very strong and confident woman in what is essentially a man’s world at that time,” said Laura Donnelly, who plays that character. Balfe called Jenny a “force of nature” who has a lot of energy.

Jenny was seen to be unafraid to stand up to her own brother, whenever she felt he was wrong. The female characters are said to be “very intelligent” and “very competent” and have “tremendous strength of character.”

Moore explained that the women in the show are “heroes of their own tale” and that the producers approached the story from this perspective.

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Source – YouTube/ Starz