Pacman Nebula has grown some new fangs; just in time for Halloween.

NASA recorded a photograph of the Pacman Nebula, a star-forming cloud, munching its way through the cosmos.

NASA reported on Oct. 26 that, when viewed through infrared light by NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or WISE, the cloud can be seen with a decidedly more ghoulish appearance.

Swirling colors of green, yellow, and red produce an almost eerie scene of the interstellar phenomenon.


Typically, it displays a triangle-shaped mouth. But now the Pacman Nebula is bearing a new set of sharp-looking teeth, according to NASA.

Pacman Nebula is usually viewed using visible wavelengths of light. But, by using the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, NASA officials can see more details, reports Wired.

NASA writes that these teeth are actually pillars where new stars could be forming. The red dots in the photograph are the youngest stars.

Radiation and winds from other massive stars blew away the layers of dust to reveal Pacman's sharp new teeth.

The Pacman Nebula is located approximately 9,200 light years away, in the Cassiopeia constellation.

Formally known as NGC 281, the nebula earned its name because it resembles the classic 1980s videogame, Pacman.