Like many famous faces before them, former “Dance Moms” stars Paige Hyland and her mom Kelly Hyland’s social media accounts were hacked this week. Following a barrage of rumors online about the face behind the hack, the Hyland family's rep is speaking out about the incident.

Matt Dugan of Management 819 spoke to International Business Times Wednesday confirming his clients’ Twitter and Instagram accounts were compromised Monday.

“The hacker has made statements on our client's accounts that have been of a derogatory nature and demeaning towards others. These statements being made do not reflect the actual opinions or beliefs of our clients,” Dugan told IBT. “We are currently working on resolving the situation with the appropriate authorities. We plan to have them back up and running soon.”

Despite rumors in the “Dance Moms” community claiming the contrary, Dugan said he is not responsible for the hacking. Dugan says the rumor was fueled by a tweet posted by the hacker claiming he is the guilty party. A screenshot of the tweet, posted below, was obtained before it was deleted.

IMG_0545 Matt Dugan, the rep for former "Dance Moms" star's Paige Hyland and Kelly Hyland, is being accused of hacking his client's social media accounts. Pictured: a tweet from Paige's Twitter page claiming Dugan is the responsible party. Photo: Matt Dugan of 819 Management

“When they did this it caused a huge uproar with fans,” Dugan said. “I just want to say I am not the hacker and I have been working with my clients non stop to solve this very unfortunate situation and I don’t plan to stop until it gets resolved.” 

This is the second time Paige’s social media accounts have been hacked this year. The 15-year-old dancer’s accounts were compromised for 24 hours in November, Dugan confirmed.

Paige, her sister Brooke Hyland, 17, and Kelly plan to make a video addressing the hack in the near future. As IBT previously reported, Paige relaunched her YouTube channel in February.

Stay tuned to IBT for more updates.