Pakistan Saturday was plunged into a state of mourning after 127 people were killed when a Bhoja Air plane crashed in Islamabad Friday night.

Rescue teams Friday night battled heavy rain and darkness in search of survivors at the crash site, which was strewn with charred debris and human limbs. Workers had retrieved around 110 bodies from the wreckage and stuffed over a 150 bags with charred body parts, the CNN reported.

All 127 people onboard the flight, including the nine crews, are believed to have been killed in the colossal flight crash which occurred in Hussain Abad, an area close to Benazir Bhutto International Airport.

The scene at the airport was no less agonizing, with distraught relatives gathering in large numbers and weeping bitterly over the fate of their loved ones.

The plane, 737-200, which was heading from Jinnah International Airport in Karachi to Islamabad, was believed to have crashed around 6:40 pm local time.

Officials were looking into the cause of the crash, with the severe weather conditions being held as a factor. However, it's also suggested that the pilot may have steered off course and may have thus caused the plane to have gone down, the Associated Press reported.

Here are some pictures from the crash site.