Papa John's Super Bowl Coin Toss 2012 was your chance to get free pizza from the popular pizzeria.

The 2012 Super Bowl coin toss landed on heads, every Papa John's Rewards member gets a large 1-topping pizza and a 2-liter Pepsi Max free from Papa John's.

Before the Papa John's Super Bowl Coin Toss, the pizza company announced that if American voters got the coin toss correct online, each Papa John's Rewards member would get the free meal.

The coin toss took place at 6:23 p.m. Sunday at Indianapolis's Lucas Oil Stadium, and because the vote went overwhelmingly for heads, the free deal has been activated.

America, you called it right! the coin toss contest website read after the toss. The coin toss for Super Bowl XLVI landed on 'heads,' which means the millions of customers enrolled in Papa Reward as of 6 p.m. EST Suday, Feb. 5, receive a free large one-topping pizza and 2-liter Pepsi Max.

Now all you have to do is claim your pizza and get eating.

Just go to on Monday or later (the deal is not eligible on Super Bowl Sunday) and log into Papa John's Rewards for more information about how to claim your free pizza and Pepsi Max.

And that's it - happy eating!