Who let Pat Sajak have a Twitter account? The “Wheel of Fortune” host, who describes himself as an iconic sexagenarian on his profile, tweeted some blunt statements on Monday from his verified account that had the nation abuzz. The 67-year-old TV veteran said global warming "alarmists" were "unpatriotic racists." As Salon pointed out, Sajak has made bizarre claims in the past, but nothing like his most recent posts.

There has been a huge backlash since twitterati got wind of Sajak’s comments. The 140-character message was retweeted more than 750 times and “favorited” more than 400 times. The retaliation for what he said, however, seems to be endless.

Sajak hasn’t been quiet about his views on global warning. A quick look through his Twitter feed will show that he comments on the topic regularly.

Sajak hasn’t responded to the backlash directly, but instead said Tuesday that he would take the “next few weeks off.” Though he didn’t say exactly what he would be taking off from, he may have meant from social media. He followed up that tweet with a note of self-satisfaction amid the furor.

The TV host caused a controversy in January 2012 when he said in an interview that he and “Wheel of Fortune” co-host Vanna White would have a few drinks before they taped their hit show. It wasn’t like they just had one or two drinks, though; Sajak said he and Vanna would sometimes indulge in as many as six margaritas.  

The reaction to Sajak’s inflammatory comments has been extensive, with some messages being posted below:

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