If you were commuting from New Jersey, you may have experienced intense delays on the PATH train. What is usually a normal commuting for thousands working in New York City, turned into a massive human traffic jam at World Trade Center this morning.

Witnesses said that for a short period of time, authorities had to shut down the escalators because of the influx of people.

There was a criminal activity on 9th Street, said a Port Authority police officer at the scene. Authorities allegedly found an individual walking along that tracks.

Basically it was a shutdown on a half hour on the path service, said a Ron Marsico, a spokesman for the Port Authority.

Port Authority officials also reported that there was a suspension on the 33rd Street Line. Trains had to be rerouted which also caused the severe congestion in the World Trade Center terminal.

As of 10 a.m., the human traffic seemed to quell and commuting appeared to return to normal.

No problems at all, said one commuter.

Others took to Twitter to express how bad the commute was.

They're not letting us out!! #wtc. This is a mess http://yfrog.com/odxaawcj, said Twitter user @leigh13.

Huge bottleneck of people at wtc #path, said Twitter user @AmodGooner.