A Florida man was arrested Monday on battery charges after he allegedly threw a bowl of chicken wings at his wife because he was fed up with his marriage.

Patrick Arthur, 51, of Myakka City, allegedly told deputies with the Manatee County Sheriff's Office that he was tired of being married to his wife, Darlene Arthur, and tried to leave his home on Monday. But she stopped him, according to an incident report obtained Wednesday by the Smoking Gun.

Arthur told deputies that his wife “wouldn’t leave him alone and wouldn’t stop following him so he got mad and threw a bowl of chicken wings at her,” the report said. The bowl of chicken wings struck her in the “upper body,” but she wasn't injured during the incident.

Deputies were called to the home after Darlene Arthur told her daughter, Ryan-Lin, about the fight. When authorities arrived, they saw Patrick Arthur “walking calmly out of the front door talking on the phone and drinking what appeared to be a glass of wine” -- and that's when he told them what happened. The Arthurs have been married for about three years, according to the incident report.

Although Darlene Arthur told deputies she didn’t want to press charges and didn’t want her husband to go to jail, they arrested Patrick Arthur on battery charges. He's scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 10, according to the Smoking Gun.