Patrick J. Adams and Troian Bellisario are heading for married life, but they won't tell fans when they are going to tie the knot.

The “Suits” actor told Entertainment Tonight that they plan to keep details of their wedding under wraps, and they will only reveal some parts of it long after their big day.

“That's kind of our game plan … but obviously we're both incredibly excited,” Adams added.

The actor clarified that they don't plan on keeping the affair to themselves. They just want to enjoy the ceremony in private.

Adams's statement comes a couple of months after he hinted that he and Bellisario might exchange vows before the year ends. The actor added that they have already started planning the wedding.

“We've been together for eight years so we're excited to actually be married,” Adams told Page Six.

Despite being ready to take their relationship to the next level, Bellisario is set on going with the flow. “We're sure happy to talk about weddings, but we have so many things that we're doing together that often it's like, 'Hey, do you wanna plan the wedding or do you wanna have, like, a nice brunch?'” Bellisario told Wonderwall. “We're not people who really believe in putting a timeline on it.”

The “Pretty Little Liars” actress said that since she and her fiance don't get to see each other much because of their work locations, they just try to make the most of their time together and try not to put pressure on what they should focus on or discuss.

Bellisario added that, to them, they are already married. The ceremony is merely a formality and the party would just be to celebrate the relationship they have been working on for the past eight years.

Adams and Bellisario got engaged in 2014. They met each other on the set of the play “Equivocation” in 2009.