Paul McCartney Tries To Catch Free Brooklyn Nets T-Shirt At Barclays Center, Fails Despite His Excitement [VIDEO]
on December 17 2013 12:19 PM
Paul McCartney Nets
Paul McCartney was desperate to catch a free Brooklyn Nets T-shirt at Monday night's game against the 76ers, but fell short of his goal. YouTube Screenshot

Sir Paul McCartney could probably walk into any sports event in the world and demand a front-row seat, but, for some reason, he had a hard time getting a free Brooklyn Nets T-shirt.

McCartney attended the Nets’ 130-94 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Monday night. Despite his status as a member of rock 'n’ roll royalty, the former Beatle chose to rough it; he opted for a spot in the bleachers rather than a luxury box or courtside seat.

On the plus side, the 71-year-old’s seat was prime real estate in terms of potentially snagging some free merchandise during the Nets’ T-shirt launch -- at least in theory. A video of McCartney’s heartbreaking attempt to catch a T-shirt went viral on Tuesday.

In the video, the music legend essentially begs a Barclays staff member to send a Nets T-shirt in his direction. The “Hey Jude” crooner’s eyes get huge as the T-shirt flies toward him, then express utter disappointment as it falls just short of his seat.

To his credit, McCartney took the loss of the Nets T-shirt in stride. After briefly motioning toward the fan who caught the free swag, he regained his composure and clapped for the victorious party. Don’t worry, Sir Paul -- we’re sure the Nets would be happy to give you as much team gear as your heart desires.

McCartney’s entire attempt to snag the Nets T-shirt can be viewed below.

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