Just days after late actor Paul Walker was laid to rest, a witness to the fiery car crash that killed the movie star last month is reportedly attempting to sell a picture of the former “Fast & Furious” actors’ burned body.

According to a report from Radar Online on Wednesday, an unidentified individual has been trying to sell an image of Walker and his late friend, Roger Rodas, that was captured just minutes after the Nov. 30 crash in Santa Clarita, Calif., which tragically killed both of the longtime friends. The report, first published in Globe, claims the duo’s death photo is “horrifying.”

“The bodies are severely burned and can be clearly seen lying inside the vehicle. Walker’s body is still fairly intact. He has fallen backwards and his arms are spread apart. He is completely burned. No more clothes on his body,” a source told the magazine, adding that only Rodas’s upper “badly burned” body can be seen from the shot.

Paul Walker Death A girl places flowers at the scene of the car crash where actor Paul Walker was killed in the Santa Clarita area of Los Angeles on Dec. 1, 2013. Photo: Reuters/Phil McCarten

According to the report, the individual shopping the picture even “outlined the corpses in color” to make sure the duo could be easily identified.

Walker, 40, was laid to rest at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles on Saturday. The ceremony was reportedly a small affair with only 50 of the movie star’s close family and friends, including his daughter, 15-year-old Meadow, in attendance. “A few people got up and gave tributes to Paul," an insider told Us Weekly, who called the occasion a “really sad day.” 

"It was hard for many people to talk, they were in tears and couldn't finish what they were saying,” the insider said. 

On Monday, TMZ obtained a copy of Walker’s official death certificate, which confirmed the “Fast & Furious 7” star died from a combination of traumatic and thermal injuries.