In the latest twist to the still-unfolding David Petraeus sex scandal, a driver’s license apparently belonging to Paula Broadwell, the biographer who had an affair with the former C.I.A. director, was recently found in a Washington, D.C.-area park, U.S. News & World Report said.

Although Broadwell lives in North Carolina, Park police spokesman Lt. Bill Kellogg confirmed that the I.D. was discovered in Rock Creek Park by a jogger who turned it into police, who then notified the FBI.

The FBI did not immediately return calls regarding the I.D. card, but Robert F. Muse, an attorney for Broadwell, acknowledged that she had lost her driver’s license, the news report said. Muse did not initially comment on Broadwell’s current whereabouts; however, according to recent reports, Broadwell, an author and a Westpoint grad, along with her husband and two sons, have been staying with her brother.

Broadwell and her family have reportedly still not returned to their North Carolina home, although the press has been camping out outside. The FBI reportedly probed the house for further evidenc on Monday night, although the federal agency has not yet disclosed the reason for the investigation.

According to a senior law enforcement official who spoke to the Washington Post, the "late-night seizure" was part of a larger “renewed focus by investigators on sensitive material found in her possession."

Photos taken by the Associated Press on Wednesday appeared to show Broadwell in the kitchen of her brother’s D.C. home, wearing a pink, cowl neck sweater and drinking a glass of wine.

Broadwell has not released any statements to the press since Petraeus abruptly announced his resignation as director of the C.I.A. last Friday. The media broke the news of her affair with Petraeus while she was celebrating her 40th birthday with her husband in Virginia.

Broadwell’s affair with Petraeus, whom she spent more than a year interviewing for the biography “All In: The Education of General Petraeus,” was exposed after another female acquaintance of Petraeus’, Jill Kelley, complained to the FBI that she had been receiving threatening emails from someone urging her to stay away from the former CIA director. The FBI traced the emails back to Broadwell, eventually uncovering her affair with Petraeus, who is 20 years her senior and has been married for 38 years.

The scandal has since turned largely to Kelley, who was also found to have exchanged hundreds of emails with Gen. John Allen, the United States’ top commander in Afghanistan, some of which the FBI deemed “inappropriate” in nature.