“Pawn Stars” may be one of the biggest show on television, but that does not mean the stars of the show are above the law. Two of the “Pawn Stars,” Corey Harrison and his father, Rick Harrison, were reportedly fined for leaving their campsite trashed over Thanksgiving.

Corey Harrison and Rick Harrison, along with some of Corey's friends, were spending Thanksgiving weekend at Glamis Sand Dunes in California. The younger Harrison was active on Twitter throughout the weekend, including posting photos of the Thanksgiving dinner he made.

The incident that is giving the “Pawn Stars” trouble is not something that Corey has posted, instead it's what they didn't do. TMZ is reporting that the “Pawn Stars” and their friends did not clean up the campsite, leaving it trashed. The photos TMZ has obtained shows trash bags, discarded beer cans, plastic cups, food wrappers and miniature BBQ grill.

According to Corey, he and his father had left early, leaving the cleanup duties to their friends. Speaking to TMZ, Corey said, “We left the campground before our buddies did and they were to clean it up and apparently didn't follow through. My father nor I were cited.”

Earlier in the trip, Corey posted a photo of his friend getting arrested on Nov. 21. According to the tweet, Corey's friend purchased a dirt bike on Craigslist and police pulled him over, reportedly for possession of stolen property.

Following that incident, there were no other reports of misconduct until now, where word got out that the “Pawn Stars” were fined for leaving their campground at Glamis Sand Dunes trashed. According to TMZ, the fine would cost the father and son $1,000 per person. It is unclear how many people were at the campsite and the total amount of the fine for the “Pawn Stars.”