A slew of PayPal users were mistakenly charged nearly $4,000 for purchasing the new Mac OS X Lion software, listed at $29.99.

Customers reported to AppleInsider on Wednesday that after they purchased Mac OS X Lion on the Mac App Store for a grand total of $31.79, they were charged multiple times thereafter. Some users said they were charged only one or a few extra times while one user was charged more than 120 times, totaling $3,878.

Only those who have PayPal accounts synced with their iTunes Store account were wrongfully charged extra for the new software.

Users went straight to the message boards on Apple's website to report their problematic purchase. The thread has been growing since the problem erupted, with many users expressing personal woes from the mistaken charge.

Some people have had their money refunded, like user JustinIowa who said, "Customer support was very helpful after I got connected. I called Apple and explained what was going on and while I was on hold, I refreshed my PayPal account page.  When the page reloaded, it showed that I had been refunded."

Others had no such luck. "All the charges ended up in my bank account today and overdrafted it and incurred fees," said Teknikks. "Now have to wait days for the refunds to take effect and more days to put them back in my bank account."

So what went wrong? Macrumors reported it could possibly be related to the new iCloud software that downloads previously purchased apps.

Apple has not addressed the problem in a public statement yet.