Long live the Shelby family! While gangster Thomas Shelby is always dancing with danger, the BBC just secured the fate of their beloved show, “Peaky Blinders.” The network renewed the Cillian Murphy-led series for a fourth and fifth season.

Deadline reported early Thursday that there will be two more seasons, consisting of six episodes each. Series creator Steven Knight is staying on board, writing all the new installments.

The renewal announcement comes in the middle of the third season of “Peaky Blinders.” The series is set in Birmingham, England, in the 1920s and follows a gang led by Tommy Shelby (Murphy) and his misfit family. From the start of the show, the family has desired power and money. But their business ventures – legitimate and non – makes everything they do a high stakes game.

“Peaky Blinders” premiered in the U.K. in 2013, and developed a huge fan base in the U.S. the following year when the first two seasons were released on Netflix. After almost a year and a half wait, the third season premiered in the U.K. on BBC Two in early May. U.S. fans are waiting for the new season to hit Netflix on May 31.

The renewal is exciting for viewers who love the mischief and trouble that the Shelby gang gets into. However, this news is mainly geared towards U.K. fans. Seasons 4 and 5 are guaranteed for BBC Two. It’s unclear if Netflix has signed an agreement for exclusive rights to air the new episodes as well.