Newsboy caps have never looked so good! “Peaky Blinders” is back on BBC Two in the U.K. tonight, reuniting fans with Tommy Shelby and his misfit brothers. The hit series hasn’t aired a new episode since November 2014, and viewers are desperate to find out what happens next. So, where did the show leave off ahead of Season 3?

The Season 2 finale kicks off with Tommy (Cillian Murphy) writing a letter about his impending day. It’s Derby Day, which means that his men are gearing up to burn all the gaming licenses. But that’s not his only plan. He’s been ordered by Inspector Campbell (Sam Neill) to kill Field Marshal Russell (James Richard Marshall) and blame it on the Irish Republican Army, sparking a civil war in Ireland. He’s got to go through with the murder — even if it means he doesn’t survive the day. However, that’s the whole reason why he’s writing the letter. He wants Charles Ranson Miller, an editor at the New York Times to be able to bring Campbell to justice.

With the letter in his sister’s hands, Tommy heads out to meet Alfie (Tom Hardy) to seal their latest deal. Alfie originally agreed to take 20% of Tommy’s business, but upped the number to 100% when he believed he had Tommy in the corner. Threatening to kill Tommy if he doesn’t sign the agreement, the leader of the Peaky Blinders turns the tables on Alfie. He warns his foe that if he’s not outside within the next few minutes then one of his associates is going to trigger a grenade in the building.

“I don’t care cause I’m already dead,” Tommy tells Alfie.

And that’s nearly all Alfie needs to hear to agree to a smaller percentage. Eventually the men shake hands on 35% and Tommy walks out of the building alive.

As Tommy heads out to the races, Polly (Helen McCrory) attempts to convince her son Michael (Finn Cole) to leave Birmingham. She wants him to have a better life and tries to bribe him with money. She leaves before Michael can say if he’ll take the offer or not.

Tommy goes to check on his horse, Grace’s Secret, before the races start. There he finds that May (Charlotte Riley) brought with her a stunning red dress that her own mother wore to the derby in 1895. She wants to wear it later when she meets up with him, but Tommy has no intention of being around after the Derby. He can’t tell her that. Instead he promises to come find her later and tells her that despite what happens he has “no regrets.”

He leaves May to seek out Marshal Russell, but ends up running into Grace (Annabelle Wallis). She needs to talk with him, however, Tommy argues that it’s not a good time. Grace stops him in his tracks the minute that she reveals she’s pregnant with his child.

Tommy immediately tells Grace to make her husband believe it’s his, but that’s not the answer Grace wants to hear. Still unable to give her time, Tommy agrees to talk to her about his decision after the race.

“I love you, not him,” she says before he leaves.

Tommy has no time to focus on Grace and his baby. He meets up with Lizzie (Natasha O’Keeffe), who he has a job for. Tommy explains that he needs Lizzie to isolate Marshal Russell from his companions. Lizzie’s shocked to hear his request, especially since he told her that under no circumstances would she be allowed to return to her old ways. Tommy ignores her and promises to be back to take care of Marshall Russell before anything happens.

Peaky Blinders 3 Lizzie (Natasha O’Keeffe) gets tasked with isolating a soldier in the Season 2 finale of “Peaky Blinders.” Photo: BBC TWO

With part one of his plan in place, Tommy heads to the bar. The place clears out when the races start and he’s alone in the room with Campbell. The two men exchange cruel words, and Tommy crushes Campbell with a line about Grace admitting that she’s in love with him.

Meanwhile, Lizzie gets to work attracting Marshal Russell. She convinces the soldier to go back to the bathrooms with her, but things quickly get out of hand when he gets violent with her. Tommy gets denied entrance at the front, causing him to lose precious time in getting to Lizzie. After punching a soldier he busts in to pull the man off of her.

Tommy and Marshall Russell struggle for a bit before Tommy’s able to turn the gun on him. After telling Lizzie to run, Tommy shoots off a couple more rounds, attracting every police officer to the bathrooms. That sets off part two. With no police to keep a watchful eye, the Peaky Blinders start mugging the bookies and burning the gaming licenses.

Tommy’s feeling pretty good about himself and heads off to meet with Sabini (Noah Taylor). Sabini warns him that the police will be arriving to remove him, but Tommy argues otherwise. He reveals that the police are occupied with the King while his men burn the licenses. An infuriated Sabini wants to pull his gun on Tommy. However, with a shooter on the loose, Tommy says that he’ll be the number one suspect in Marshal Russell’s murder. But Sabini’s got to do something. He breaks a bottle and charges at Tommy just as three officers burst into the room and restrain the Peaky Blinder. But those men aren’t real officers. They’re part of the Red Right Hand.

The men take him prisoner and leave the race grounds with him. Meanwhile, nobody knows that Tommy went missing. Grace is on the betting floor waiting for him when May approaches her. It’s a tense standoff as May eyes her competition. But Grace doesn’t even know who she is.

“There’s business, and then there’s love,” Grace says after May tells her about her plan to help allocated gaming licenses to Tommy’s bookies. May doesn’t agree though.

“Is there … with Thomas Shelby?” she asks.

The two women part ways, but only after Grace drops the bombshell about her name. You see, May never knew that Tommy named his horse after his first love.

Peaky Blinders 2 Grace (Annabelle Wallis) doesn't hold back in the Season 2 finale of “Peaky Blinders.” Photo: BBC Two

Elsewhere, Polly approaches Campbell while he’s in a telephone booth making a call. She wants revenge and pulls a gun on him. Campbell tries to spin a story about being in love with her and her having the same feelings. However, Polly isn’t buying it. She shoots him in the chest and walks out to let him bleed to death alone.

Speaking of dying alone, the Red Right Hand men bring Tommy to an empty field with a pre-dug grave. He asks for one last cigarette and reflects on coming so “close” to getting it all.

“And there’s a woman,” he says to no one in particular. “Yeah, a woman, who I love.”

Upon finishing his cigarette, Tommy gets the courage to walk over to the grave. One of the men makes him kneel and holds the gun to his head. But he doesn’t shoot him. Instead, the man turns and kills his fellow members of the Red Right Hand.

“Mr. Churchill will want to speak to you in person,” he says to Tommy. “He has a job for you. We will be in touch.”

Shocked by the turn of events, Tommy picks himself up and walks out. When he gets home he discovers Michael still in the office. His cousin wants to make real money with him, and Tommy toasts to that.

“I got some ideas for the future of the company,” he says to Michael. “Also, I’m planning on getting married.”

“Peaky Blinders” fans will find out who Tommy marries in the Season 3 finale. The episode will air at 9 p.m. in the U.K. on Thursday, May 5. U.S. viewers will have to wait until Season 3 hits Netflix on May 31.