Who will Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) choose to be with in Season 3 of “Peaky Blinders”? The Season 2 finale left the gangster torn between two women -- Grace Burgess (Annabelle Wallis) and May Carleton (Charlotte Riley). However, Tommy will have made up his mind by the time Season 3 premieres … because episode 1 will feature his wedding day!

Series creator Steven Knight confirmed in June that fans would learn Tommy’s decision early on, but now Deadline is reporting that Tommy’s choice is much heavier. The wedding during the premiere will reveal whether he decides to make an honest woman of Grace, his first true love who is pregnant with his child, or chooses May, a woman who has the power to expand his empire.

For those who don’t remember, Grace betrayed Tommy and his family by working undercover for Inspector Campbell (Sam Niell) in Season 1. Grace was supposed to expose the Peaky Blinders to Campbell, however she fell head over heels for Tommy. Her feelings ultimately prevented her from following through on her word to Campbell. But Tommy’s family wasn’t willing to forgive and forget. Polly (Helen McCrory) threatened her life, and Grace ended up moving to the United States. She married an American man and was missing in action for most of Season 2. But a visit to the U.K. resulted in a steamy hookup with Tommy. She revealed in the finale that she was pregnant, and that the baby was definitely his due to fertility issues with her husband.

In Grace’s absence, May became Tommy’s new love interest in Season 2. However, she didn’t start off that way. Tommy first hired her as his new horse trainer. Over time, their relationship turned from business to romantic. May knew that Tommy was not over his first love, but she never expected Grace to come back into the picture. The two had a tense standoff at the racetrack during the Season 2 finale.

The finale left fans wondering if Tommy would follow his heart … or if his desire for power and money would be a deciding factor. Fortunately, the wait for Season 3 is almost over. The new season, which will now reportedly premiere in early 2016, will find Tommy questioning his ambitions and desires.

“I am genuinely thrilled at the prospect of Season 3,” Knight told Deadline. “I think it will be the best yet. Lots of things are familiar, but lots of things are new. It’s still a Birmingham story and it always will be. Now it has international consequences. I can’t wait to see it myself.”

“Peaky Blinders” airs on BBC Two in the U.K. and Netflix in the U.S. Who do you want Tommy to end up with? Take the poll to vote for Grace or May.