Tommy’s gang might have someone on the inside leaking “Peaky Blinders” spoilers. The official Twitter account of the hit U.K. BBC Two series posted a warning for fans Sunday morning.

The tweets are in reference to a slew of photos that have hit the web allegedly revealing the identity of Tommy’s (Cillian Murphy) bride. As previously reported, the new season will kick off with a wedding. However, fans were left in the dark as to who would be standing next to Tommy at the altar. He was torn between two women when Season 2 ended.

[Click HERE to see some of the reported spoilers.]

To briefly recap, Tommy reunited with his first love, Grace (Annabelle Wallis), even though she got married and moved to the United States. A brief trip across the pond resulted in a steamy hookup ... and an unexpected pregnancy. Grace revealed the news to Tommy at the racetrack while his crew was confiscating gambling licenses. Much to Grace’s disappointment, Tommy blew off talking to her. But he had a good reason — he narrowly dodged being assassinated.

To put Tommy in an even stickier situation, Grace came face to face with Tommy’s new lover, May (Charlotte Riley). Although Tommy and May don’t have the same chemistry that he had with Grace, their relationship is still a very important one to him. May has the connections to boost Tommy’s power and land him exclusive gambling licenses at the track.

It’s been almost two years since the last season of “Peaky Blinders,” and the wait for new episodes is almost over. Viewers in the U.K. can reunite with Tommy Shelby and his family when Season 3 premieres on Thursday, May 5. Unfortunately, U.S. fans still have quite a wait. The series is exclusive to Netflix in the U.S., and likely won’t be released until all six episodes of the third season have aired in the U.K. The streaming service has yet to confirm a date, only noting on their site that new episodes will be available in 2016.