PearC, a German computer maker sells custom-made desktops that come with Apple's Mac OS X operating system which made them popular causing much trouble with Apple.

On Mac OS X EULA, Apple states it is forbidden to install the software on any non-Apple computer.

Apple has not made any comments regarding this issue though it is expected that they will initiate a court case on this matter.

However, the German law regarding end-user license agreements makes installing OS X on other PCs legal. According to PearC, the German law states that no EULA is applicable if the user is not able to see the agreement prior to the purchase.

Psystar, a Mac clone maker too, that recently selling its products since April 2008 with an OS X, is claiming that Apple abuses copyright laws by insisting that its software, including its operating system, can only be installed on Apple branded equipment.

Keeping Mac OS X proprietary and making sure that others are not able to install and sell the system is extremely critical for Apple.