A man who allegedly spray painted 12-7 USN - representations of Pearl Harbor Day - on a car that allegedly belonged to a Japanese was beaten after he was caught in the act.

A video of the injured man was posted on YouTube on Pearl Harbor Day with the description noting that the man also spat on the car owner (the uploader) and called him a gook.

[He] put his hands on me....this is the end result, the description read. If you listen closely No direct threats were made towards him.
He painted 12-7 USN on the side of my car. the anniversary for the bombing on pearl harbor and usn= United States Navy.

In the very graphic video, viewers can here the allged vehicle owner and another person screaming obscenities at the man who admitted his actions were wrong.

I admit I am wrong, the man said.

I want you in prison, one of the guys responded. 

They told the man that the damage was worth about $1,000 and that they were not going to make him leave the scene because they want him to go to jail.

They also expressed that the man was lucky to be alive.

The video contains many obscenties and can be watched here.