Peeta Mellark, played by Josh Hutcherson, might have been just a baker boy in the first “Hunger Games” movie, but audiences watched him turn into a man in "Catching Fire" as he played the Capitol, lying about Katniss Everdeen’s pregnancy and professing his true love for the District 12 victor.

The second movie of the "Hunger Games" series smashed the November opening record by grossing $161.1 million domestically last weekend, and viewers saw a different side of Peeta. He’s not just the wounded District 12 tribute hiding behind his camouflage. In the sequel based on Suzanne Collins bestselling book, he risks himself to save Katniss and fights back against the threats created by this year’s game maker, Plutarch Heavensbee.

Many Twitterati took to the social media site on Tuesday to show their appreciation for the “Hunger Games” character's transformation. The hashtag #TransformationTuesday is a popular trend on the site, where users normally share pictures of themselves from past and present. 

Though there is only a year in Peeta’s “transformation” between his first “Hunger Games” and the Quarter Quell, where he gets thrown into the arena once again, fans have taken notice to his growth and shared his picture incessantly for the “Twitter holiday.”

Two popular users who shared the transformation Tuesday picture of the “Hunger Games” victor from District 12 were @NuteIla and @CommonWhiteGrls. Check out some other posts on the mini-blog, which involve Peeta, below:


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