Many will tune in to CBS Wednesday night to watch the 2016 People's Choice Awards. However, why enjoy the show from your living room when you could have the opportunity to sit next to one of the celebrities in attendance at the actual ceremony as seat-filler?

The first few rows at award shows are usually filled with celebrities and nominees, which always appear full to the viewer when the camera cuts to them. Those in attendance aren't necessarily in their seats the entire time. Seat-fillers are assigned to fill the empty seats when someone goes to the bathroom or leaves early. 

Seat-fillers help play the role of taking up open seats, but it's not guarantee that they'll be in the same seat all night. Although some may have the good luck of getting to sit next to a celebrity for the entire ceremony, others could be shuffled from open seat to open seat throughout the evening.

Becoming a seat-filler is simple. If you're interested in attending events and would like to be a part of more audiences in the future, you can sign up for Gotham Casting, which is a casting company based in New York City that works with reality shows, commercials, music videos and events – like the People’s Choice Awards. Those looking to attend Wednesday's People's Choice Awards will have to fill out this form. The application asks for basic information, like your name and e-mail, but also requests you add a photo, Instagram and Facebook URL. As of Tuesday, the site was still accepting applications. You have to be located in the Los Angeles area to be eligible for the event.

Because the 2016 People's Choice Awards is set to air live Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST, the deadline to becoming a seat-filler is rapidly approaching. However, whether you miss or make the deadline, here are some tips to having success as a seat filler:


Make sure your afternoon is clear because despite the fact that most ceremonies start in the evening, many people start to file in early. Seat-fillers could be busy early on if a celebrity is late or if there are many open seats. 

Dress Code

Every awards show is different, so it will be up to your casting group to determine what you should and shouldn't wear to an event.

No Photos, Autographs Or Talking

Even if you are seated next to your celebrity, you won't be able to talk to them. Most casting agencies ask that you not speak to the person you're sitting next to, which includes asking them for a photo or an autograph.

If you're interested in going to the show, but not being a seat-filler, tickets to the show are still available here. Prices currently range from $50-$175.

The 2016 People's Choice Awards, hosted by Jane Lynch, will air on CBS on Wednesday, Jan. 6, at 9 p.m. EST. The show will air live from Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.