Perez Hilton was given a lump of coal on Christmas by agitated Justin Bieber fans who bullied the celebrity blogger on Twitter using some harshly written hashtags.

The phrases #PerezRetireFromBeingAPedophile and #SuspendPerezHilton were trending on Twiiter on Christmas, apparently because Hilton had some harsh words for Bieber and posted photos of the “Girlfriend” singer with some very NSFW rhetoric.

Referring to Bieber’s shocking statement that he was retiring from singing, Hilton tweeted on Christmas Eve, “Sadly, Bieber retiring is just a pathetic publicity stunt for his new documentary movie, which comes out tomorrow.” He used the hashtag #Goodbye Justin, and followed up that tweet with this one, which uses vulgar language:

“Believe,” Bieber’s concert film, opened on Christmas.

Bieber fans were behind the #PerezRetireFromBeingAPedophile and #SuspendPerezHilton hashtags. There has never been any evidence, let alone allegtions, that Hilton is a pedophile. The hashtag appears to be a way to get under Hilton’s skin.

But it’s safe to say the tactic isn’t working, as Hilton retweeted some of the hateful and homophobic language.







Hilton isn’t taking the attacks personally, and spewed some of his own venom towards Beliebers.