Perez Hilton is joining the Off-Broadway cast of  "NEWSical the Musical" for a four-week run starting in September, does this mean he plans to give up blogging after being criticized by fans who are obsessed with One Direction? 

Amid rumors that the celebrity blogger's career might be over after he offended fans of Zayn Malik-- a member of the boy band One Direction -- it seems Perez, whose real name is Mario Armando Lavandeira, has found a new, albeit perhaps temporary, profession on Broadway, according to a statement.

He will begin preview performances starting Sept. 8 at the Kirk Theatre on West 42nd Street in New York City; his official opening date is Sept. 17. The musical lampoons celebrities making the headlines such as John Travolta, Anderson Cooper, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes -- the presidential election is also expected to be spoofed in the show.

It's also rumored that there will be a Chick-fil-A spot, but the best part of the show, at least for Perez fans, is when he will perform a song called "Perez Hilton."

"Dreams do come true, if you believe. And I BELIEVE, big time!" Hilton said in a statement from his home in Los Angeles. "I am beyond thrilled, nervous and zen about making my New York theater debut. It's gonna be a wild ride in a show that guarantees to put smiles on people's faces. It will be no holds barred! Pure unadulterated fun! I expect to have the time of my life and look forward to hugging happy theatergoers after each show!

"What do you do when your show needs to sell tickets?  You bring in a celebrity," the producer Tom D'Angora said in a statement about casting the gossipmonger. "Perez Hilton was the perfect choice because our show is basically the musical version of his 'highlarious' website. If you are a daily reader of Perez like I've been since 2007, you know how funny and charismatic he is. We couldn't be more excited to welcome him as the newest member of our talented cast."

Earlier this month, Hilton angered One Direction fans after posting a video that allegedly showed Malik cheating on his girlfriend. Fans poured in with tweets -- although some of the tweets are too vulgar to repost here -- these should give readers an idea of how some One Direction fans feel:

"@sumaya133 wrote to the celebrity blogger, "@PerezHilton I hope u get aids and die :)"

@iloveyouuu1D tweeted to Perez Hilton, "@PerezHilton NO ONE LIKES YOU GO DIE."

Wednesday night, Hilton tweeted: 

"THANK YOU for all the laughs @OneDirection fans! Muah!!!!!!!" and  "Your brain can sometimes play tricks on you. Don't let it! You control it, not the other way around! Keep your thoughts in check! #Perezism"

After catching heat over One Direction, do you think Hilton will give up blogging to become a regular Broadway star?