The Academy Awards has released its list of award nominees, and like clockwork, media outlets are fuming about how certain actors and actresses were ripped off.

But what if those actors and actresses were actually Muppets?

That happens to be the case for popular celebrity and entertainment blogger Perez Hilton, who has created a petition to get the Muppets on the Oscars.

Hilton says:

At this year's Oscars, the Academy will not be allowing either of the Best Original Song nominees to perform their nominated song.

Since The Muppets have brought so much joy to the hearts of cinema enthusiasts everywhere for decades, we are OUTRAGED they won't have their chance to perform 'Man or Muppet!'

Hilton asks readers to sign take action by signing an online petition. According to the overview of the petition, the goal is for people to show their support for the Muppets and prove to the Academy that they'll tune into the award show to watch the Muppets perform.

When this article was published, only 545 signatures were made. Hilton has a goal to reach 100,000 signatures.