The CBS crime drama “Person of Interest” is closing its final case.

Created by Jonathan Nolan, the hit science fiction series will launch its Season 5 premiere Tuesday, May 3, the first of its last 13 episodes. According to the show’s mastermind, the final season of “Person of Interest” will be explosive. Check out everything you should know about it below.

1. Closure: Executive producer Greg Plageman revealed he and Nolan decided to give fans a satisfying conclusion instead of continuing the series storylines in the hope of a sixth season.

“Once we saw the reduced episode order, we took that as writing on the wall, really,” Plageman told IGN in an interview published Sunday, adding that this is when they decided to “land the plane.” He said: “We were like, ‘S---- that. Let’s give it a satisfying ending.’ Let’s make it as exciting and explosive as possible. And then we’ll drop the mic. And then walk away from it.”

2. Premiere Drama: No time will be wasted before the Season 5 chaos begins. According to the synopsis of episode 1, titled “B.S.O.D.,” viewers can expect a major computer malfunction. The acronym in the episode title stands for Blue Screen of Death, which teases that the Machine will be in danger when “Person of Interest” returns.

3. Rebuilding: Quite literally, Season 5 will be a rebuilding season. As Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Finch (Michael Emerson) witness the demise of the Machine, they need to regroup to figure out a way to reconstitute it, Plageman dished.

“A lot of this season becomes about ‘Can [Finch] rebuild it?’” he told IGN. “Not only just how much the world would miss it but how necessary it is.”

4. Blast From the Past: “Person of Interest” will bring back a fan favorite character in Season 5 — one who was believed to have been dead. TVLine dished that Sarah Shahi, who portrayed Shaw, will return to the series for an arc of “eight or nine” episodes. Shahi, who left the show on maternity leave in the middle of season 4, told the media outlet in August that she had “no idea” what the writers had in store for her character.

5. Deadly Samaritans: The assassins who murdered Dominic (Winston Duke) and Elias (Enrico Colantoni) in the Season 4 finale after they uncovered the secret about “the correction” are still on the loose. And they’ll be causing chaos when the forthcoming installment returns. According to the episode 1 synopsis, Root (Amy Acker) will battle the killers as Reese and Finch attempt to save the Machine.

6. Resurrection: Even though Dominic and Elias were killed in the Season 4 finale, Plageman dished that he’d “love to bring” them back for the final showdown.

“We’ve found ways to bring them back sometimes, given the nature of this show. But in the penultimate episode of this year, that I had the good fortune of directing, it was a [real] treat for me because characters we’ve known to be dead and gone we found a way to bring back. So we certainly get a rogue’s gallery of faces back in the mix,” Plageman told IGN.

The “Person of Interest” Season 5 premiere will air on CBS Tuesday, May 3, at 10 p.m. EDT.