The Taliban attack on an army-run school in Peshawar, Pakistan, that killed at least 135 people, mostly children, has sparked a massive outpouring of support and mourning on social media. Many have changed their profile pictures to black boxes to show their support.

Peshawar community Facebook page changed its profile photo to a black box and is relaying medical information to followers, including the types of blood needed at local hospitals treating victims of the attack. A community page for the APSACS, or the Army Public School and College System, changed its profile photo to a black box, as well. Most have used the tag #PeshawarAttack on Twitter to discuss or grieve over the attack.


Darood Shareef is a kind of Muslim prayer meant to praise the prophet Muhammad and bring blessings to those who recite it and bring them closer to Allah. A Texas-based Islamic information site, Islamic Academy, says that followers should recite Darood Shareef “in countless numbers” during tragedy. Some mourners have also used the hashtag #BlackDay:


Some mourners have voiced support for levying the death sentence on future or currently detained members of the Pakistani Taliban, Terhrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, or TTP. Many supported public hangings for the attackers.


There also appeared to be some disagreement over the meaningfulness of the social media posts and whether people should post photos of victims of Tuesday’s attacks: