Peyton Manning has chosen to sign with the Denver Broncos, and, as a result, the Broncos' mindset is to put Tim Tebow on the trading block.

Tebow led the Broncos to a 29-23 dramatic overtime win against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC wild card round, throwing an 80-yard touchdown strike to receiver Demaryius Thomas. That game was the team's first playoff appearance since 2005. He also led the Broncos to six straight regular season wins at one point, eventually leading to the Broncos' first AFC West crown since 2005.

Tebow was all the rave in the Mile High city. He was supposed to be the savior.

And he was, flaws and all, for one season.

But the Broncos' current situation and decisions exhibit that anything can happen in one season.

A Hall of Fame quarterback gets cut by the team he ran for 14 years. He is then surprisingly on the free agent market. John Elway-the person and the name-has tremendous buying power, and the reality is that Archie's kid exceeds whatever any Broncos quarterback on the roster can do to the nth degree.  

Now, just as quickly as Tebow became the savior, he may become the miraculous afterthought because fans will flock to wherever he goes like the shepherd's lambs.

Fans in Denver may make a case to keep Tebow around-to learn from Manning. At the same time, Tebow's stock is perhaps as high as it will be for the time being. What the Broncos can get in return now-though it still might not be much-might be better than what they can get in return, for example, during next season.

Twitter users have argued both sides, too, reactions having poured in that end with the hash tags #TradeTebow and #FreeTebow among others:

The Emancipation Proclamation was signed on March 19 by John Elway it freed Tim Tebow #FreeTebow

No I've had it!! We want him in MIAMI TAMPA BAY and JACKSONVILLE. Bring him somewhere he'll be valued. #freeTebow

Titans and 49ers just took simultaneous L's...Peyton to the Broncos #freetebow

#TradeTebow he's got hella heart and makes the game fun to watch. Where ever he ends up, the fans know he will play his heart out.

#TradeTebow asap! Jacksonville is the best option.

#TradeTebow Really though who wants Tim Tebow at this point? You have to restructure your entire organization, offense and draft accordingly

The two most likely destinations for Tebow, then, if he's officially traded, will probably be the Miami Dolphins or Jacksonville Jaguars. In Miami, he'll have the ability to play in nice weather and run the Wildcat offense, which has become a recent staple for the team. In Jacksonville, he can also run the Wildcat and play in great weather, but more importantly, he can possibly draw a multitude of spectators in the city to a team with a relatively low fan base, a fan base more dedicated to college football-namely the Florida Gators, which happens to be Tebow's alma mater.

One thing looks certain, though. Tebow Mania has dissolved, but it could soon make its return faster than we forgot about it.