Petyon Manning is working his way towards getting back on the football field.

Just a week before the Colts must decide if they are going to keep the veteran, reports say Manning is looking good on the practice field.

The quarterback is working out in Florida after missing the entire 2011 Season after having neck surgery.

Bob Kravitz, columnist for the Indianapolis Star, tweeted today that multiple sources told him Manning is throwing much, much better.

This is good news for teams that would potentially like to sign Manning. Just a month ago, Kravitz reported that Manning wasn't throwing like an NFL quarterback.

Kravitz also pointed out that his sources were not members of Manning's camp.

The Colts have less than a week to make a decision on Manning's future. If Indianapolis decides to keep Manning, they will have to pay him $28 million. Most people expect the Colts to part ways with the future Hall of Famer and select Andrew Luck in the Draft.

The Dolphins, Redskins and Jets have been rumored to be the three favorites to sign Manning if he hits the open market.

Many people had expected Manning to retire after undergoing multiple neck surgeries. That, however, no longer appears likely with his improving health.