Anti-Smoking pill Chantrix from Pfizer Inc. was banned today by the Federal Aviation Administration for its use by pilots and air traffic controlers, after a study showed dangerous side effects.

Chantrix was related to more than 3,000 reports in the United states regarding side effects such as dizziness, loss of consciousness, seizures, abnormal spams, heart trouble, aggression and even suicide, the Institute for Safe Medication Practices reported.

Often these reports lack sufficient medical information and/or have confounding factors that prevent a meaningful assessment of causality. said Pfizer in a statement.

Through a study, the non-profit institute delivered its results to the Food and Drug Administration and urged the health regulators to tighten warnings of the drug.

The company stated that the product's label warns about driving or operating machinery.

So far, the FAA hasn't reported any aviation accident related to Chantrix.

Shares of Pfizer fell 1.05 percent to $19.80 in after hours electronic trading of the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday.