A giant dust storm is moving across the City of Phoenix, Ariz., covering it with dust, debris and an ugly mess to clean up.

The dust storms started on Tuesday night and have been ongoing since then. Meteorologists expect the dust storm to continue into wednesday night. Winds have been estimated at between 50 mph and 70 mph. Widespread reports have stated there is little visibility in the affected areas. The radius of the dust storm is approximately 100 miles wide according to National Weather Service meteorologist Craig Ellis.

Ellis said he has been in Arizona for more than 30 years and has yet to see anything of this nature before. He said the thick coat on streets and cars is as strong as he's ever seen.  As a result of the dust storm, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport was forced to shut down and numerous flights were canceled.  The storm also caused several power failures and a big rig was over toppled in nearby Casa Grande, Ariz. The dust storm, which is also being called a Haboob (an Arabic name for intense sandstorm) have made for impossible driving commutes as well.

All in all, it has been a devastating storm, one of the worst Arizona has seen in recent memory.  Here is a look at some of the videos of the dust storm.