That's what thousands of thrill-seekers did as they sprinted ahead of six fighting bulls in the streets of the northern Spanish city of Pamplona on Thursday in a fast first run of the bulls for this year's San Fermin festival.

Fortunately, no one was gored.  However, five people were taken to Navarre Hospital with injuries (including fractured ribs).  Since 1924, 15 people have died in the running of the bulls.  The last person killed in the event was a 27 year old in 2009.

The runners wore traditional white clothing and a red handkerchief around their necks.  They traipsed over each other, fell, and dashed amidst the crowd to avoid getting caught as the bulls charged down the 2,785-foot (849-meter) course from a pen to the city's bullring in two and a half minutes.

There were some unexpected moments as one of the steers separated from the pack and charged back toward the starting gate, sending runners scattering after thinking that their dash was finished.  Another steer stopped and laid down on the pavement near the end before eventually being guided into the bullring, where the six bulls will take part in the afternoon's bullfight.

Races take place at 8am local time every morning during the festival, which runs until July 14 and is televised in Spain.

Here's a look at today's run: