An Australian man’s Sunday afternoon was disrupted this past weekend after running into a 551 pound pig. The animal, a Facebook famous persona named “Nigel the Seaford Pig,” was captured on camera picking up and biting 50-year-old Robert Dennis in an impromptu street fight.

The Herald Sun reported Monday that Dennis underwent microsurgery after suffering from a wound over nine inches in length from the animal who said he came face to face with after leaving his Govan Street home in Seaford. "It's just unbelievable. You don't expect to be gored by a pig on a Sunday afternoon,” said Dennis, who claimed the altercation didn’t cause him any immediate pain. "I didn't really feel anything, I just thought he'd lifted me up,” he said.

Jake Nowakowski, a photographer for the Herald Sun, captured the entire event on camera while on scene for a different event, confirming the attack was prompted by the animal. "This pig just walked up to Robert, who was with another bloke, and it was nudging them,” he said. “They were trying to get out of the way when the pig just bit his leg and lifted him into the air.”

See the photos of the pig attack here.

Following the attack, Dennis, a handyman and laborer, said he is unable to return to work due to his injuries. "I'm not going to be able to work now,” he said. “I'm just angry and I don't need this."

Nigel's Facebook page, which as of Monday morning had over 900 likes, contains images and videos captured by locals showing the black and white spotted swine muching on cookies and the Australian breakfast biscuit, Weet-Bix.

The pig is owned by Edward Weaver, 42, who first purchased the animal two years ago from a farm after he was rejected by the meat market due to his coloring. The animal, who escaped from his compound home Sunday before the attack, has since been moved to a new home at a stud farm in Sea Lake. Weaver claims his swine is innocent, calling him a "surrogate child."

"He's a good boy. He's part of our family. He'd sit on the lounge with me watching TV. I'd eat a chip, he'd eat a chip. He loves Weet-Bix, chocolate biscuits and Coke. My wife used to dress him in clothing," Weaver told the Herald Sun Monday. "I love him and don't want to get rid of him," he said.