Earlier this month, Pinterest announced that it would finally roll out its long-anticipated Buyable Pins feature some time in June. The San Francisco startup waited until the last day of the month, but sure enough, on Tuesday Pinterest delivered.

The new Pinterest Buyable Pins feature lets iPhone and iPad users shop for items directly from the company's app, allowing users to complete purchases without having to exit the app and go to a retailer's website. "You’ll start seeing buyable Pins all over Pinterest -- in your home feed, on boards you love, and in search results. When you spot a Pin with a blue price, that means you can buy it," Pinterest said in a blog post

At launch, Pinterest will sell 2 million products. Those products will be purchasable via 30 million of Pinterest's more than 50 billion pins, the company said.

To make finding Buyable Pins easy, Pinterest will highlight purchaseable items at the top of the screen whenever users conduct a search. Additionally, the Pinterest app for iOS will include new "Shop" and "Shop our picks" categories, which exclusively feature Buyable Pins. Pinterest users can also search for Buyable Pins by specific retailers by heading to the brand's Pinterest profile and tapping the "Shop Pins" button.

For Pinterest, the new Buyable Pins feature is a way to sell more ads. The startup will not be taking a cut of any purchase made through its service. Instead, Pinterest is hoping brands will pay to promote their Buyable Pins to consumers.