As part of a new series of cartoon strips promoting PlayStation game inFAMOUS 2, Oxford artist Kate Brown has presented Pippa Middleton in a new avatar.

With this, the stunning sister of the Duchess of Cambridge has joined the brigade of celebs that have often starred in their own comic strips like Lady Gaga and Cheryl Cole.

Developers of the video game console, Sony, however clarifies that the comic strips are completely fictional with no connection to real situations.

We're huge fans of all the characters featured and want to point out that these are purely fictitious comic strips and are not based on facts or real events, mentions the official site for PSN infamous 2 game.

The strip sees Pippa being approached by a wealthy businessman who promises to help her in her party-planning magazine if she provides him inside details about her sister Kate's Royal Honeymoon. Finally Pippa is seen debating on whether to give in to her temptations or to remain loyal to the Duke and Duchess' trust.

Check out images from the comic strip below: