After breaking up her Swiss banker boyfriend Nico Jackson in October, Pippa Middleton has again got back with her ex-boyfriend James Matthews. She dated James for a brief period in 2012. He is the older brother of “Made in Chelsea” star Spencer Matthews.

Pippa was pictured holidaying with 40-year-old James on the exclusive Caribbean island of St Barts in August. Pippa was at the island retreat ushering in New Year recently along with her family. James was also pictured with her during the time.

According to reports, the exes have been on good terms even after breaking up and have been seeing each other for around two months now. “James is really into Pippa and she is falling into step. There is affection between them,” a source said, adding that while Pippa was tentative at first, the relationship is now becoming serious.

James’ family owns and manages the exclusive Eden Rock Hotel on St Barts, which is a favorite spot of the celebrities. Instead of staying in the hotel, Pippa opted for a villa in the hills which overlooked the island’s capital of Gustavia during her New Year break with her family. Her younger brother James is also believed to have stayed in a villa with his girlfriend Donna Air.

Carole and Michael Middleton apparently stayed in the hotel nearby.

The 40-year-old James is a hedge fund manager and keeps a low profile unlike his younger brother Spencer, 26. The insider added that James is very low key and likes to stay out of the limelight, unlike Spencer. The insider added that he and Spencer are like chalk and cheese.

She dated Nico for three years and it was reported that distance was the cause of the break-up. The latter went to Geneva, Switzerland for work, which caused a strain in their relationship.