Those who envy Pippa Middleton's shapely derriere can try and sculpt one of their own, thanks to a new web series that broadcasts instructional excercise videos that aim to replicate Pippa Middleton's weapon of mass distraction.

The series was created by Alison Jackson, a photographer and stunt artist who previously target the Royal Family in 1999 when she staged a photograph that was meant to look like the late Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed with a mixed-race love child.

The videos feature a very scantily clad model doing excercises that are meant to improve the shapeliness of her backside - one while wearing 4-inch platform heels -  and receiving a rigorous polishing and buffing.  Another video proports to be secret footage of Pippa Middleton getting electroshock treatments on a nearly-naked behind.

Alison Jackson's website also features photographs of celebrity look-a-likes in varying states of compromise - one shows Elton John having his behind waxed, and another finds David and Victoria Beckham in a strategy meeting to choose a baby name: According to a memo board hanging on the wall, Santa Monica and Gucci were on the shortlist.

Jackson chose a brunette model with a figure very similar to Pippa's. Because the model's face is always partially obscured, but is close enough in resemblance to Kate Middleton's sister, she could easily be mistaken for Pippa in any of the videos.

I held auditions for a Pippa Middleton face and a separate Pippa bottom, Jackson told The Daily Mail. It took several casting sessions to find the ideal bottom double, Gabriella Parris.

The videos can be seen on Youtube.