A new high-definition video featuring the main villain in “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” recently leaked online. The behind-the-scenes video was shot on a massive wooden ship set with blue screens in the background. Meanwhile, the filming of the movie continues in Australia. [Spoiler Alert!]

The main plot of the next Johnny Depp movie revolves around Captain Salazar, played by Javier Bardem, and his crew escaping from the Devil’s Triangle and seeking to kill all the pirates on the high seas. This video posted on YouTube shows a scene of the movie being filmed with Bardem on the ghostly ship.

The ship is shown to be very old, with a broken mast. According to a description of the video, it is a compilation of four videos that were leaked previously along with 24 new video clips.

Meanwhile, the production of “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” continues at a new location in Australia. The Northern Stark reports that filming for the movie is taking place at Lennox Head in New South Wales. According to the report, the publicist of the movie confirmed that some of the cast members will join the crew at the location to film a scene.

It is unclear which cast members will shoot scenes at the new location. As International Business Times reported previously, Depp has left Australia to be with his family after reports surfaced that the actor, who plays the lead role of Captain Jack Sparrow, could be facing a jail term in Australia for not declaring his dogs to customs when he arrived.

Orlando Bloom is said to have joined the cast and crew members to begin filming his scenes. The actor will be reprising his role as William Turner. The presence of the actor at Lennox Head has still not been confirmed. The publicist called the new location “gorgeous” and the weather is said to be “stunning.” “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” is slated to be released in July 2017.