Two pictures of a battle aboard a ship have appeared online, and they supposedly are from the set of “Pirates of the Caribbean 5.” Meanwhile, lead actor Johnny Depp is said to have left Australia after reports of possible jail term for "smuggling" his dogs.

A massive battle scene may have been shot recently for the coming Johnny Depp movie. These pictures, posted on Twitter with a Turkish caption by Halit Erkus, supposedly from the "Pirates" set, show two scenes being filmed. One of them shows people fighting aboard a ship at night, surrounded by what appears to be smoke or fog.

This picture shows someone swinging on a rope, wearing what appears to be Jack Sparrow's hat. The picture has been taken from a distance and its not clear whether it is Depp or a stuntman.

Meanwhile, troubles for the production continue as Depp is said to have left the country again. According to a report from, he is under investigation for not declaring his dogs at customs when he arrived to film “Pirates of the Caribbean 5.”

According to the report, senators at a committee hearing were told Monday that if the matter goes to court the actor could face “jail term or a maximum fine of $340,000.” Depp and his wife Amber Heard are said to have left the country “cloak-and-dagger” style by a private road to their plane's hangar blocked off to stop people from taking photographs.

It is unclear if the actor is leaving Australia because of the investigation. Depp is said to be returning to celebrate his daughter Lily-Rose’s birthday. He will also be celebrating his birthday on June 9 in the U.S.

The report doesn’t specify whether the production of “Pirates of the Caribbean 5” will continue in Depp's absence. Production of the movie had to be stopped in March after he had to fly back to the U.S. following an injury.