Some people will go great lengths to be a part of the movie business. One man took things to the next level on the set of “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” when he wandered onto the Australia filming location dressed as a pirate and threatened a security guard with a knife.

That’s right, police are on the lookout for a man dressed in a pretty convincing pirate get up, complete with dreadlocks, a bandana, multicolored pants and a possibly real parrot on his shoulder. He allegedly made his way onto the Gold Coast set of the movie around midday on March 10. According to The Age, many assumed he was an extra on the film, given his attire. However, when a security guard finally approached him he discovered that he was an unstable attacker.

After the altercation, the pirate-looking man reportedly ran off into the bushland, having caused no injuries to anyone. Local Queensland police were quick to respond to the call and began a large-scale manhunt for the assailant. They even got the help of trained police dogs to track the man down and make him walk the plank – just kidding, if caught he’ll likely be arrested on a number of very reasonable charges.

According to Australian news outlet 9 News, police believe the man fled to a nearby shopping center and hid out in the dressing room of a K-Mart until the heat on him died down. However, those reports have yet to be confirmed by police.

It’s unclear exactly what motivation the man had for trying to disguise himself on the set of “Pirates 5,” which stars Johnny Depp, Brenton Thwaites and Kaya Scodelario. According to ABC News, one local said that a lot of people have been trying to take photos from the set and leak them online.

“I expect lots of people try to get in,” the unnamed Arundel local said.

Despite the demand for spoilers from the fifth film in the beloved swashbuckling franchise, very few probably had the idea to show up in pirate disguise – or to be armed when they do. Still, unless police manage to bring the potentially dangerous pirate to justice, they’ll be forced to remember this as the day that they almost caught… Whatever his name is.